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Here's a message to you, about technology:

Technology is important.

Technology is what will allow us to clean and transform the toxic destruction of Earth that human culture has created for itself to enjoy.

Technology is a direct reflection of your consciousness’s capacity for manipulating its grander physical self, through the bodily focus. The affects technology generates, such as the transforming, warping, and moving of matter, energy, and force, is the extending of the transformation capacity of its inventor, through the invented. It’s your consciousness’s way of moving gigantic, 2.5 ton bricks (some of the slabs weighing more in the King’s Chamber) into perfect order, in comparison to having to push and pull small bricks into imperfect order through crude labor. This concerns the Great Pyramid of Giza specifically—not “all pyramids everywhere” were created through advanced technology.

Technology defines what you know about the world around you in physical terms. It takes mental understanding and puts it into physical demonstration. The advancement of technology is the advancement of analytical knowledge of self. Having advanced technology doesn’t mean you’re a balanced, highly self-aware person or peoples, it just means you have mastered your understanding of the physical domain in which you reside, concerning that specific science. Advanced Technology =/= Enlightenment, Enlightenment = Advanced Technology + Spirituality. The technology is a declaration to the universe that you are a creator in full—not just in understanding, but in physical demonstration of that understanding.

Anchored Tech is me using my spirituality to anchor technology for us all to use.

I’ll probably have more updates on it when I complete the MRP test.